Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

There are approximately a million things that I love about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and I'm hesitant to tell you about any of them. It's not that I'm worried about spoiling the story, either Ė there really aren't any big twists or unexpected developments, and the whole game is presented as an Odyssean adventure, a string of miniature escapades that's more about the journey than the destination. That's the thing, though. Developer Starbreeze uses the basic setup, vibrant setting and unique control scheme as jumping-off points for a healthy chunk of the year's most memorable sequences, and every chapter stands out in a unique way. The game's biggest strength is its capacity to surprise you Ė be it with clever puzzles, some shockingly morbid subject material or even its occasionally jaw-

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Independent game developer says something reasonable

On August 10, 2013, indie game developer Mike Bithell unexpectedly made a reasonable comment on Twitter. His comment has already inspired discussion and a number of retweets.

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Dragon's Crown may be art, but does that mean we have to love it?

Last night, I passed several very enjoyable hours playing Dragon's Crown with my friend. We've together spent enough time with the game by now that I can look at the portraits of massive warriors with their giant chests that take up half of my television screen and it just makes me shrug. The same is true of her sorceress, with her breasts that look like two over-inflated balloons ready to carry her to Oz on the back of a stiff breeze.

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A conversation with Nathan Meunier about freelancing and his new...

Nathan Meunierís upcoming book, "Up Up Down Down Left Write" began as a Kickstarter project and soon it will be available for purchase. The prolific freelancer shares all sorts of information that should prove useful to others who are looking to find the same sort of work, so I knew a lot of you would probably like to know more about it. Fortunately, Nathan was gracious enough to meet with me online for a conversation. We discussed the book and even some of his future writing projects. That discussion follows below, with my questions in bold text. Enjoy!

What made you decide to write a book about freelancing?

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Acttil will release Nobuo Uematsu's e-book on iTunes this August

If you've been wondering what Nobuo Uematsu has been up to lately, as I have, then you might be surprised to learn that he's been working on an e-book. Called "Blik-0 1946," the project tells the story of a robot that was manufactured with functions that allow him to "emulate the human heart and brain."

"Blik-0 1946" will be available on the iTunes Store for $9.99 starting next month, according to a press release from Acttil, the company formed by some of the people who were originally responsible for launching NIS America.

"I wanted readers to recognize the happiness you can find in everyday life," Uematsu said of the forthcoming book, "which you often ignore because they are too close to you, and the importance of kindness and respect to others."

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Anomaly Warzone Earth

The "tower defense" genre is a crowded one, in large part because at its core it's also a very simple one: enemies of one sort or another come charging headlong while you lay out static defenses in strategic locations to cut them down. It's a tried-and-true formula that's been around for ages, polished to a gleaming shine by games like Plants vs. Zombies but never really changing in any fundamental way. Until now.

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Nintendo 3DS Hardware

Iíve got a joke for you. What do you get if you cross a Nintendo DS with stereoscopic 3D? A headache! Ahaha!

Thatís the sort of comment weíre going to see a lot of over the next few days, and perhaps even weeks. Itís true: staring through this magical window and into a world of glasses-free 3D tech, while impressive, isnít exactly easy on the old eyes. The recommendation when you boot up a game is that you should take a ten minute break every half-hour, which is the sort of thing you see written on the back of most game boxes and scoff at. With the 3DS, Iíve found myself taking short breaks - admittedly not quite ten minutes - as often as I feasibly can.

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