The Silver Lining Episode Three: My Only Love Sprung From My...

The Silver Lining is a long-in-development project created by a group of dedicated and obviously adoring King's Quest fans who want to redress what they see as the failure of the last official King's Quest game to properly wrap up the series. To say they persevered against all odds is hardly overstating matters; this is the group, after all, that ran headlong into Activision's legal team and came out in one piece. I admire that determination to get this game done, especially since the whole thing is being built by volunteers and given away free, and because of that, and a flickering hope that things might get better, I've been loathe to really drop the hammer on it. But with with the midway point of the series reached and passed in The Silver Lining Episode Three: My Only Love Sprung From

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Game Over?

I have a dilemma. I've reached a rather pivotal moment in Fallout: New Vegas, at which I must make a decision that will cast my fate for the remainder of the game. Once I make this decision, there will be no going back. And yes, there will be spoilers.

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The unbearable imperfections of Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2 is not perfect. Which is really disappointing. How is it that Capcom makes a game so good, but they can't be bothered to go that little bit of extra distance to make it perfect? Are they lazy? Negligent? Oblivious? Just teasing us? We may never know. We can only consider the missed opportunity that is Lost Planet 2.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Do you remember The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Of course you do - itís a classic, widely regarded as one of the gaming mediumís crowning achievements. Released back in 1998 for the N64, it eclipsed all competitors and captivated players for weeks and months on end. Do you remember how great it was? Do you really?

Because this is, perhaps, what the most interesting thing about Ocarina of Time 3D is going to be. How much of the game do you remember? You remember it being wonderful, of course. Everyone does. Nostalgia tends to do that to people.

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Resident Evil: Mercenaries

On Wednesday of last week, I experienced a first in my journalistic career: I went to preview a game on a bus.

It was parked inside, mind. Nintendoís European 3DS launch event in Amsterdam may have been infuriatingly thin on new details - even the UK price wasnít officially revealed - but if thereís one thing you have to give the company credit for, itís that they had obviously poured an astonishing number of resources (not to mention a frightening sum of money) into the show itself.

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The sins of Alpha Protocol

Why didn't Alpha Protocol, last year's best RPG/shooter hybrid, find its place on more "best of the year" lists? The easy answer is that a) people liked other games better, and b) who cares? But as a bona fide, card-carrying, state-certified, legally designated Alpha Protocol apologist, I'd like to consider a few reasons it didn't find a wider audience among the dudes who adored Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and other highly glossy, middling fare that earned big bucks and stratospheric Metacritic scores.

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Mass Effect 3: What If Your Choices Really Mattered?

Mass Effect 3: What If Choice Really Mattered?

Note: There will be at least one major Mass Effect 2 spoiler contained herein. If you haven't played it yet, consider yourself warned.

By now you've almost certainly seen the big Mass Effect 3 trailer that debuted on the Spike Video Game Awards show. The Earth is under siege by the Reapers. Two million dead in the first day; defenses are shattered and the planet is in flames. The only hope for salvation: Commander Shepard and whatever forces he can marshal for the fight. It promises to be a big finish to one of the most epic sci-fi RPGs of all time. But pause for a moment, take a deep breath and give this some thought.

What if Shepard can't save the day?

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