Acttil will release Nobuo Uematsu's e-book on iTunes this August

If you've been wondering what Nobuo Uematsu has been up to lately, as I have, then you might be surprised to learn that he's been working on an e-book. Called "Blik-0 1946," the project tells the story of a robot that was manufactured with functions that allow him to "emulate the human heart and brain."

"Blik-0 1946" will be available on the iTunes Store for $9.99 starting next month, according to a press release from Acttil, the company formed by some of the people who were originally responsible for launching NIS America.

"I wanted readers to recognize the happiness you can find in everyday life," Uematsu said of the forthcoming book, "which you often ignore because they are too close to you, and the importance of kindness and respect to others."

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