Castle of Illusion's HD remake arrives early next month

If you have $14.99 that has been burning a hole in your pocket, now might be a good time to make plans for it. SEGA and Disney jointly announced today (edit: make that ten days ago) that Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will officially be available for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and PC, starting September 3rd and 4th (depending on the platform).

Castle of Illusion is one of the other beloved Disney titles, one of the few from any era that wasn't developed by Capcom. It finds Mickey Mouse working through a magical castle and surrounding environs, all in his quest to rescue Minnie.

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NIS America shares The Guided Fate Paradox image assets

Yesterday, NIS America sent out an email to share some images with members of the press. Those images included a proper look at the title's cover art, along with screenshots of the localized version of the game.

I always get a little bit excited when I find out that NIS America is about to release another title developed by the Nippon Ichi Software team in Japan. That group of talented developers was responsible for one of my favorite SRPGs of all time, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, as well as plenty of other great titles within that general world.

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4X strategy title Endless Legend coming from Amplitude Studios...

Amplitude Studios, the team behind the PC/Mac indie success known as Endless Legend, is developing a new strategy game called Endless Legend. According to a press release issued earlier today by publisher Iceberg Interactive, the new title is another 4X strategy project.

It seems like no matter how many times I hear the term "4x strategy game," I have to head over to Google and look it up before I remember that "4x" stands for "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate." In other words, it stands for "exactly the sort of strategy game that you like to play, you forgetful bum." I'm kind of glad that hasn't become the official definition, because then I'd just feel insulted every time I space out like that.

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Dragon's Crown may be art, but does that mean we have to love it?

Last night, I passed several very enjoyable hours playing Dragon's Crown with my friend. We've together spent enough time with the game by now that I can look at the portraits of massive warriors with their giant chests that take up half of my television screen and it just makes me shrug. The same is true of her sorceress, with her breasts that look like two over-inflated balloons ready to carry her to Oz on the back of a stiff breeze.

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