Castle of Illusion's HD remake arrives early next month

Posted by Jason Venter (August 26, 2013)

If you have $14.99 that has been burning a hole in your pocket, now might be a good time to make plans for it. SEGA and Disney jointly announced today (edit: make that ten days ago) that Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will officially be available for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and PC, starting September 3rd and 4th (depending on the platform).

Castle of Illusion is one of the other beloved Disney titles, one of the few from any era that wasn't developed by Capcom. It finds Mickey Mouse working through a magical castle and surrounding environs, all in his quest to rescue Minnie.

Myself, I didn't play the game back in the day. I was a Nintendo fan at the time, just as I am now, and that meant that Castle of Illusion is one of a few promising titles I missed back when they were new. Going back later, I couldn't get into the title as easily, because by then I was already in love with The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, which arrived first on the Super Nintendo. However, I have since met plenty of people who just plain loved Castle of Illusion, so it's exciting to see it return.

One thing today's press release mentioned--besides date and price, of course--is that those who preorder the PlayStation Network edition of the game between now and September 2nd will immediately receive a download of the original Genesis title, along with a dynamic theme and three avatar. That's a great deal if you want to compare the old with the new and you don't have access to the ancient cartridge.

Will you be downloading Castle of Illusion? This is a busy season and my budget is already stretched past the breaking point with all of the retail stuff that's coming out next week and beyond, but Castle of Illusion would definitely rank near the top of my digital shopping list. Maybe I'll treat myself with it somewhere down the road. After all, I do love the look of the remake!

Jason Venter is a freelance blogger who spends most of his time writing about games and technology. In his free time, he likes to watch movies and old TV shows and enjoys writing about them too.

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