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Written by Jason Venter
Published May. 10, 2024

Here's an unusual idea: what if there were an apocalypse, and the few people who survived had to scavenge for resources and navigate a fractured society? That seems like it could work, and it is the very idea that drives Decimated, a survival role-playing game from Fracture Labs that arrived on the Epic Games Store today.

Due on Steam later in 2024, Decimated is a third-person PvP and PvE online survival adventure full of environment hazards and rival factions. While it's possible I was being facetious when I called that idea “unusual,” there's no denying the possibility such a world holds for compelling gameplay… even if it has been done a time or two in the past.

Decimated was developed with support from an Epic Mega Grant and a $3.5M investment from entities such as Mechanism Capital and Polygon Ventures, which I'm sure explains its initial exclusivity. According to a press release, it “integrates the DIO token economy on the Solana chain,” which I understand is a phrase written completely in English. Just don't ask me what it means.

“Players can earn currency through various means, such as salvaging and virtual market trading,” adds that same press release. “As an official sponsor of Toke2049 Dubai, Decimated demonstrates its commitment to blockchain innovation and immersive gaming.”

Apparently, an open alpha is due in late 2024, which Fracture Labs anticipates will lead to further growth on top of an existing community that includes 60K Twitter followers and 23K Discord members. Here is a list of features taken from today's press release:

  • Salvage resources.
  • Technology and digital currency.
  • Repair vehicles, build bases, and fortify shelters.
  • Hunt, ambush, loot, and trade.
  • Multiplayer, 3rd-person combat.
  • 3 classes with special abilities.
  • Grenades, jetpacks, hover/land vehicles, & AI.

If you would like to learn more about Decimated, you might want to follow the official Decimated account on Twitter/X. It sounds like there should be plenty of updates in the months to follow. You can also check out the Decimated store listing on the Epic Games Store.

Jason Venter
Jason Venter (Managing Editor)

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