The Kingdoms of Ruin: Endless Rebellion brings the dark fantasy to an interactive medium

It's a launch party!

Written by Jason Venter
Published Jun. 07, 2024

CTW has announced that its latest title on the G123 platform, The Kingdoms of Ruin: Endless Rebellion, is now available. To celebrate the launch, the publisher is running a special promotion to reward players.

The Kingdoms of Ruin: Endless Rebellion casts players as Adonis, who uses powerful summon magic and trains/upgrades other characters. Modes include both PvP and PvE, which should let interested players enjoy the game as they see fit while potentially earning some great rewards within the launch window.

According to a press release, players who spend time with the game within 30 days of its launch will receive 100,000 Gems and a 10-pull ticket, which includes potential access to “familiar faces from the anime.” If you login for 7 days “right after the game's release,” you can clear tasks that set you up to receive approximately $200 worth of items. It's the publisher's way to celebrate more than 50,000 pre-registrations reached.

So you know, The Kingdoms of Ruin: Endless Rebellion is free-to-play in your browser, without the need to install a bunch of software or even register. It works across smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and is available through the official G123 site.

G123 includes games based on a variety of popular anime that I've never heard of, and one that I have. Another title offered is based on Queen's Blade, the famously lewd anime from decades past. From the press release, here is a description of what to expect from The Kingdoms of Ruin:

Driven by the Super Industrial Revolution (Gear Expansion), witches, once sent by the gods to support humans, have become obsolete. Humans initiate witch hunts to rid themselves of the unscientific power of magic. Adonis, a young man whose beloved witch, Chloe, was killed – the one who nurtured him and taught him magic – vows revenge against humanity. Experience this brilliantly portrayed tale of never-ending vengeance.

Do you have experience playing other G123 games? CTW is a growing company catering to a hungry niche, so the time might be right to check out the games it offers and see if the platform has anything to interest you. $200 worth of freebies sounds like a pretty decent incentive, I must admit!

Jason Venter
Jason Venter (Managing Editor)

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