Atlus dates The Answer DLC for Persona 3 Reload

Dated content is good content.

Written by Jason Venter
Published Jun. 08, 2024

We now know the official date when players can expect to play The Answer, the final batch of DLC for Persona 3 Reload. It drops September 10, 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Windows, and Steam. Oh, and it's coming to PlayStation platforms also.

The news came during the Persona Live Tour 2024 concert in Yokohama, which is as good a place as any for such reveals. If you've been looking forward to the expansion, the date likely comes as music to your ears. I know you see what I did there. Don't try to deny it!

Screenshot: Atlus West

The Answer originally arrived as part of Persona 3 FES, which released on PlayStation 2 closer to the end of that hardware's life cycle. “Episode Aigis” keeps telling the story, while focusing on Aigis and friends as they experience a never-ending March 31st.

“Journey through the Abyss of Time as Aigis, undertake new challenges, and uncover the cause of this strange fate and the truth of what happened on that day,” invites a press release.

If you are a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can experience the new content without paying any money, beyond the fees you already pay each month (or yearly, if you got a long-term subscription). If you're like me and you prefer to spend all of your money on games you own even after they leave various services, $34.99 will get you the Expansion Pass. It includes previously released DLC, such as the Persona 5 Royal EX BGM set, the Persona 4 Golden EX BGM Set, and the Velvet Costume & BGM Set. And, of course, it includes “The Answer.”

Even though I've owned Persona 3 FES for years, and even though I always finish playing through Persona 3 and find myself with a desire to play more of it, I've not actually tried out the expanded content. Maybe this time, I'll see to it. How about you?

Jason Venter
Jason Venter (Managing Editor)

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