Thank you for your interest in advertising at Gameroni!

Gameroni works different than a lot of other sites you may have encountered online. Individual site staff are allowed to make their own advertising arrangements. If you have browsed the site and you found that posts from a particular staff contributor were of interest, you should contact that individual from his or her blog to ask about placing advertising in the 300x250 box near the upper right side of the site. Your ad will then display on all pages within that particular blog, but will not appear elsewhere on the site.

Though site staff members have discretion over which ads display on their respective blogs, we specifically prohibit ads that contain:

  • Adult content
  • Content that promotes discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, or politics
  • Information promoting or enabling piracy
  • Hacking and online gambling sites
In addition, ads may not be coded so that they produce sound or animations without intentional input from the viewer. For example, ads that expand to fill the screen and/or ads that play a sound or video when a viewer accidentally moves the mouse cursor over them are not permitted.

If you are not looking to advertise on a specific writer's blog and you would instead prefer to advertise on general pages throughout the site (such as this one), you can use the general contact form to find out about current rates and advertising options. In general, ads are available only in the 300x250 format and may be purchased one week or month at a time, at current rates.

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