How to clear The Stolen Throne quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

You make a better door than a wall.

Written by Jason Venter
Published Apr. 19, 2024

In Dragon's Dogma 2, you'll spend a lot of time roaming the wilds. Some of your quests have a more domestic side, however. You won't even have to leave the city to complete some of your objectives, which tend to progress the story in some interesting ways. Such is the case with The Stolen Throne.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - How to clear The Stolen Throne quest

Most of the important story-based quests you complete near the game's earlier segments relate to work assigned by Brant, your primary ally against a scheming monarch who doesn't especially care that you are the true Arisen. He presents several quests that require you to get near your enemies without calling attention to yourself as you investigate the darker side of noble society. To clear The Stolen Throne, you must infiltrate a ballroom dance and track your target to a nearby place of ill repute.

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Begin the quest by talking to Brant at his usual table at the bar. You'll need to ask about the masquerade, which lets you get to work on The Stolen Throne. Your assignment this time around is to infiltrate a masquerade ball, while wearing the Eventide Mask that Brant supplies.You should also wear the Courtly Clothes, which are available in several locations. When you go to the dance floor (pictured in the screenshot above), you need to look like you belong.

Head to the Royal Quarter at night. Your pawns won't stay with you, once you get close enough to your destination. Approach the front doors of Vernworth Castle and guards will either let you in (because there is a ball) or tell you there is no such event. If the latter response occurs, just rest on a nearby bench until the next night. Then try again.

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When you enter the ball, talk to the various guests. Most of them are dancing on the floor. They don't really have much worthwhile to say, but look around long enough to determine that the man you came to see does not appear to be on the property. That's disappointing, but you can get over your disappointment by exploring the adjacent corridors.

Make your way along the nearby halls. Because you're dressed like a member of the social elite, no one should give you any trouble. Although you can check chests for loot (if you haven't already claimed it on a previous visit), your main objective is to find a false wall. The wall is easy to overlook. The image at the top of this guide shows what it looks like as you approach. The above screenshot shows its location on the map.

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When you get near the wall, push through it to find yourself along the back side of the castle. Head along an exterior walkway and veer right to pass through a doorway and encounter a new scene in The Bordelrie. You may also unlock the Myrmecoleon Delights achievement at this time. The scene you witness introduces an important character: Wilhelmina. She figures into some other quests you can undertake later in the game. You can even romance her.

Wilhelmina assists you for reasons unknown. You'll witness an important event through a peephole, and the information you gain there is important. Leave the property and head back to the bar to meet again with Brant. When you tell him what you've learned, you'll complete the request and receive your rewards: a Wakestone Shard and 6500 G.

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