Many online sites cover video games in one capacity or another. Thank you for coming to Gameroni for your coverage! This page offers a brief overview of our editorial ethics.

In general terms, the site offers four types of content: guides, reviews, news, and interviews. We produce our coverage to help our audience enjoy the video game medium. Our goal is to provide quality content that meets and exceeds content produced by competing sites, while retaining a reader-friendly focus on video games. In general, our coverage will:

  • avoid clickbait
  • limit use of SEO practices that make for a less pleasant reading experience
  • address subject matter with sufficient detail
  • be written based on personal experience and/or interest

To ensure timely and more complete coverage, we are happy to accept promotional keys offered by game publishers and developers, but we will make every effort to ensure our coverage remains independent. Not every article we produce will interest every reader, but our goal is to ensure that if we cover a topic you find interesting, we cover it well enough to earn and maintain a reputation for quality. Below are some additional details relating to the specific types of content we provide.


Our guides are written based on topics that interest us, as well as topics that services such as Google Trends indicate gamers wish to read. We will make every effort to ensure our guide coverage is based on time our writers have personally spent playing the game, rather than simply paraphrasing work by other authors who may have hit a particular topic ahead of us.


When we review games, we attempt to address who the game was made for and how effective it is at producing entertainment for that audience. We wish to avoid courting controversy, unless that controversy is part of the game's design (for instance, a game might be designed specifically to weigh in on a social issue, making discussion of that social issue relevant). This narrower focus means our reviews will focus on how the game plays, as well as the volume and quality of content. We are less interested in providing discussion of the sort many of our competitors might offer, including problematic working conditions at a development studio, sketchy behavior by developmental talent, or other content that arguably does not directly relate to the experience of playing the game itself.


Our goal is to focus on information relating to the games themselves. Possible examples include game announcements, trailer launches, DLC drops, character reveals, sales milestones reached, and so forth. There are numerous sites that expertly cover more controversial topics, or dive deep into financials. We are happy to leave writers at those other sites to their work, so that we can spend more time focusing on the actual games.


Occasionally, as resources and outside individuals permit, we will post interviews and Q&A exchanges with industry professionals. Such coverage is intended to let you know about upcoming or past game releases. While this type of article is unlikely to ever represent the lion's share of our coverage, we are always interested in helping gamers to discover worthwhile experiences.

The above guidelines are general, but hopefully they give you an idea of the site's editorial focus. We hope you will enjoy our approach, and that it allows you to play and more fully enjoy the medium. Without an advertising budget to speak of, we must rely on word of mouth to spread the word about we offer. Thank you for enjoying the site and for letting your friends know about it!