Locations to find the Sphinx in Dragon's Dogma 2

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Written by Jason Venter
Published Apr. 19, 2024

You'll meet all manner of colorful characters in Dragon's Dogma 2, but few of them are as memorable as the Sphinx, and none of them offer rewards and challenges that quite compare. It's well worth hunting down the elusive creature and playing her games, but the search can be difficult. Fortunately, this guide tells you just where to look.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Locations to find the Sphinx

You'll need to find the Sphinx on multiple occasions, since she moves on once you answer her first few riddles. If you're like me, you might explore for dozens of hours without running into her. I actually stumbled upon her by accident, while completing the Off the Pilfered Path side quest. It turns out the first location where you can meet with the Sphinx is north of the Ancient Battleround.

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The first loation to meet the Sphinx

When you head along the north slopes overlooking the Ancient Battleground, you'll find some fairly extensive ruins. You explore them while completing the aforementioned quest, and then the game is content to let you head off to other adventures. However, the ruins still hide more secrets. You should explore them fully, whether as part of a quest or just becuse. If you continue exploring in their vicinity, you should eventually come to Worldsend Cavern, near the northwest corner of the map.

Check the above map screenshot to get a sense for just where to find the cavern. To its north, you can climb some stone steps in the Mountain Shrine area. You'll find a stone plateau and meet with the Sphinx, who poses a series of challenges. As you clear them to her satisfaction, she lets you open the chests behind her. Once you answer enough of her riddles, she then flies off to a new location.

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The second location to meet the Sphinx

Finding the second location for the Sphinx is similarly tricky. From Checkpoint Rest Town, head east across the stone bridge. Then, descend along the banks from the main road to find a lower area with shallow water. You can follow that along a ravine, heading west along a lengthy trail with dangerous enemy mobs. Continue west and watch for a small trail that branches off to your left and leads due south. As you head along that trail, you'll meet with a Chimera. These monsters are powerful, typially native to Battahl, so make sure you have a strong party before you attempt the battle.

When you defeat the Chimera, continue south through the misty area. Along the far side, you'll find a new open area where the Sphinx is surprised and delighted to see you. Meeting her there completes the Riddle of Reunion, and then you can attempt a few more of her challenges for additional rewards.

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