Where to catch Jellyfish on Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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Written by Jason Venter
Published Apr. 21, 2024

There's no telling what a Dondoko Island guest might prefer in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, at least until you check out their profile. Then you'll get the vital information, but sometimes it's not useful. For example, where can you catch jellyfish? As it turns out, there are a couple of places to aim your harpoon.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Where to catch Jellyfish on Dondoko Island

The Jellyfish is one of the rarer catches, even when you know where to look. There are a fair few fishing holes scattered around Dondoko Island, but after fishing an awfully lot, I've personally found Jellyfish at only two of them. To catch Jellyfish on Dondoko Island, fish from Splish Splash Bridge or from the end of the pier at Dondoko Farm.

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Splish Splash Bridge is your best bet, especially early in your island adventure.  You can reach it from Gachapin Beach, once you unlock the Dondoko Lake area. The bridge connects the little island to the beach. Just head along it and ready your harpoon, then check at the sign to fish the school of fish swimming in the nearby ocean. This is my favorite fishing hole in the game. Most of the fish there are reasonably uncommon, so I try to stop by daily.

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Once you access Dondoko Farm, which happens pretty late in the adventure, look to the main building. It's the one with the online mode's parrot mascot, just beyond the huge tree. There is a boardwalk leading around it. Head around to the back side to find a fishing spot from the pier. The fish here are reasonably uncommon. They don't often include the Jellyfish, but sometimes they do.

The standard Jellyfish is not to be confused with the Box Jellyfish, which I have only found at Dondoko Falls and by fishing from the Leafy Leaf Bridge.

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