How to clear The Nameless Village in Dragon's Dogma 2

Not all is as it seems.

Written by Jason Venter
Published Apr. 20, 2024

The Nameless Village is one of several quests offered by Brant, near the start of the game. It sends you to an area of the map in eastern Vernworth that you possibly hadn't explored previously. You'll need to explore somewhat persistently to find the truth of things and clear the quest.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - How to clear The Nameless Village

To initiate The Nameless Village, you must meet with Brant at the bar he frequents. By this point, you likely know that location well. When you talk to him, select the Tell me of the false Sovran option. This kicks off the quest, which asks you to investigate the false Sovran and report to Brant. To clear The Nameless Village, you must find a village east of Vernworth and meet with its leader in an underground hideout.

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Start by traveling to the village itself, which has no name other than Nameless Village. Its exact location should be evident in the above screenshot. You will almost immediately run into an NPC who shares his view that there's something wrong with the place. Start by making your way uphill, along the main trail. Head into houses on the side of that road to meet with villagers and ask about both the village itself and Arthur. Along the way, you should meet Zellas. He directs you to the manor at the top of the hill.

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When you reach the Old Noble Manor, head inside. You should meet with Flaude, who stands somewhere near the fireplace. He is surprised you have found him. Exhaust the dialog options and then head into the room to the right. There is a chest where you can find precious Onyx and Jasper stones. Rather than being angry, Flaude is pleased with your ingenuity. He grants you an additional reward, Legend's Opus. It teaches the Blades of the Pyre ability.

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You might feel pretty good about your visit to the village at this point, but you still haven't cleared the quest. This is the part where you have to actually prove your ingenuity.

After saying your goodbyes to Flaude, head around to the back left corner of the manor to find a ladder. Descend the ladder into a hidden lower area, the Nameless Village Depths. Your pawns will indicate they have no desire to accompany you, which is fine. In the lower area, you have to run an obstacle course of sorts. It requires you to leap along tilting wooden platforms while avoiding hazards. This is a matter of timing and my require a few attempts. It did for me, anyway. Fortunately, there's a ladder on the end where you start, in case you need to climb back up and make another attempt.

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When you reach the far side of the course, enter the chamber and talk to Srail. You can ask him about various topics. Make sure to Ask about the decoy Sovran. You learn useful information, which is the real reason you came. He also hands over Darragh's Bill of Arrest, a key item. And you receive the valuable Pilferer's Handbook. It teaches the Formless Feint ability.

Before you leave, make sure to thoroughly explore and find additional loot, including the Ring of Cooling and some useful gear such as the Peltflayers (a weapon for thieves) and the Thief's Gaiters. Otherwise, you're done here. Return to Vernworth and meet with Brant. Tell him what you've learned to complete the quest and receive your reward: 1200 XP, 7500 G, and the Dragon's Gaze.

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