How to acquire the water and food provisions in Sand Land

So much for milk and cookies...

Written by Jason Venter
Published Apr. 27, 2024

Sand Land introduces a cast of colorful characters. While you often control Beelzebub, the obvious star of the show, sometimes you get to help things along as one of his allies. In one early quest, you control Thief and help him to acquire water and food provisions.

Sand Land - How to acquire water and food provisions

Early in the game, you approach the town of Talbo, where you hope to find supplies as part of the Get food and water in town quest. No one in your party is better suited to complete this task than Thief, who is disguised as Santa Claus. To acquire water and food provisions, gather supplies from five areas around town without letting the local residents detect you.

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Thief suggests that if he is caught while wearing the disguise, people will just let him go. However, the game also lets you know that you fail the mission if you are detected.

As the activity begins, you discover a motorcycle. Then, you gain control of Thief. Start by heading directly forward, where some provisions are near some wooden shelving. Press and hold the button to investigate and claim the first supply stash.

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Now, head back around the left side of that building, opposite where the guard is posted. Keep close to the wall, and watch the path ahead. You will likely see a villager heading along the pathway. Let her pass through the archway. Then cross the path to the far side and head along the left side of the next building to find the second supply stash. You will frighten a Bororo Cattle steer as part of a scripted scene, but nothing bad comes of it.

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Continue along the building and pass the white watering trough (pictured above). Continue around the crates and fence and circle around to the far side of the pen. Make sure you are creeping. Slowly approach the third supply stash and grab its contents. There is a villager just past it. Don't get too close.

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After you grab the third stash, a scene follows. When it concludes, head up the stone steps directly ahead of you. At the top of the steps, look to the right to spot the fourth supply stash near the corner of the building. There is an alert village not far past it, indicated by the red arrow on-screen (see the above screenshot). Make sure to cross over to the wall where you won't come into his line of sight. Then head along the wall and approach the food and water. You can raid that stash without being seen.

Now, you're almost done. Follow the building back to the left and look in that direction to find stacked crates. Use them to climb to an upper ledge. Follow the ledge to reach one end of a ravine. Ascend along the path to reach a building, and proceed along the building's left side. Stick close to the wall as you follow it around to find the fifth supply stash near some scaffolding. When you grab it, that essentially completes the quest.

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